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As companies are looking to build an RFID-based solution or expand upon a solution they’ve already implemented, flexibility becomes paramount.  Flexibility in development, price and deployment. The easier it is to develop a solution the more likely it is to become implemented.  But every solution is unique and many times companies looking to build a full RFID solution require a variety of components within the solution that vary widely in size and performance requirements.

Join Dan Ratner, Principle Systems Engineer of ThingMagic, as he introduces the ThingMagic Nano, the smallest, most cost effective UHF RFID module in the Mercury6e module series.  The ThingMagic Nano joins the M6e, Micro and Micro-LTE in offering customers the widest range of options available to develop and build their RFID-based solution.  In this 30 minute webinar attendees will:

  • Understand how ThingMagic Nano fits into the Mercury6e series and see a comparison of this module versus the other modules in the family
  • Learn how ThingMagic has extended its Mercury API to support portable devices that use operating systems such as iOS or Android or have no operating system at all
  • See real-life use cases that are currently in development using the ThingMagic Nano as the basis for RFID solutions