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Companies looking to develop their own finished readers are faced with a distinct set of challenges.  They are faced with a variety of different hardware and software technology options and must figure out the best solution for their specific use case.  This process can be both timely and expensive as valuable engineering resources are building products on a “trial and error” basis with no assurance that the solution will work, let alone be completed in a timely and cost effective manner.

Join Michael Klein, Director of Customer Support and System Engineering of ThingMagic, as he explains how customers can effectively build application-specific finished readers quickly, with the right radios and interfaces but without the burden of managing multiple technologies.  Using an extensible development platform, sample applications and hardware and software reference designs, companies can learn the best way to rapidly create cost effective finished products from a library of supported functionality that allows for flexibility and scalability within the solution.  In this webinar attendees will learn:

  • How to reduce development complexity by removing the burden of managing different technologies required for their specific use case
  • To understand how efficiently using engineering resources can result in a shorter time-to-market of new, finished products
  • About how a consistent infrastructure minimizes risks with future device and solution development and offers added value from new features in future platform releases
  • That a solution already screened for regulatory compliance can further reduce cost and time typically spent securing end product certifications

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