The Future of RFID - Infographic

When predicting technology trends, Bill Buxton, Principal Researcher at Microsoft Research and author of Sketching User Experiences may have said it best: “If history is any indication, we should assume that any technology that is going to have a significant impact over the next 10 years is already 10 years old!”

So where are we now - more than 40 years after the first passive radio transponder with memory was patented in 1970, and a decade since the retail industry brought attention to RFID on a global scale?

There is no doubt that over the next decade, RFID systems will become an integral part of the consumer and business experience. The convergence of wireless technologies will be augmented by RFID systems. The development of passive RFID as part of this platform will be driven by the potential to measure, report and monetize a growing number of transactions in the physical world.  Purpose-built systems will incorporate passive sensors and computational systems will emerge.  In certain applications, it is hard to imagine everyday physical objects without "built-in" RFID.

RFID Infographic

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