RFID for the iPhone?

Posted by Yael Maguire on Wed, May 06, 2009 @ 06:45 PM

Tags: Reality Search Engines, Consumer Goods, iPhone

Wired recently asked their readers what accessories they would like to see added to the iPhone 3.0, which is expected to be released this summer.

As noted in Wired.com Readers' Best iPhone Dongleware Inventions, adding an embedded RFID reader was one of the top requested new features. The RFID applications the readers were interested in are payments and information access.

The iPhone RFID reader would be used scan products or objects containing RFID tags. The iPhone would then connect to the Internet to complete a transaction or find out more information.

Wired readers tend to be techies. But it is still interesting that awareness of RFID has reached the point that they see value in adding RFID to a consumer device -- interest in connecting the physical world to the digital world.

When this does happen, with millions of devices interacting with billions of objects, we can then start to create Reality Search Engines.

Other suggested accessories include Bluetooth stereo headphones, an external keyboard and automotive diagnostic tool.

For an example of RFID working with the iPhone, view this video from Touch - a research group exploring the way mobile phones communicate with the physical world.

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