ThingMagic End User Successes Highlight 2015 RFID Journal LIVE!

Posted by Shannon Downey on Wed, May 20, 2015 @ 12:53 PM

The RFID industry’s most hotly-anticipated event – RFID Journal LIVE! – came and went with the same fanfare it has for many years. While we were hosting a variety of demonstrations of our latest innovations in the ThingMagic booth, a few of our closest partners were recognized with RFID Journal Awards for the impressive solutions they’ve brought to market using ThingMagic technology. Here’s a taste of a few of our partners’ award-winning technology implementations.

Interstate Batteries – Best RFID Implementation

If you caught the keynote speech from Bruce Hellen, Director of Business Practices for Interstate Batteries, you likely heard a bit about the application that won them “Best RFID Implementation.” Using ThingMagic M6e modules as part of a solution developed by Seeonic, Interstate Batteries created a better means of collecting and visualizing battery inventory. As the largest US supplier of automotive replacement batteries, deploying 2 million RFID-tagged batteries, 2,200 RFID-enabled storage racks and 29 RFID-enabled delivery trucks brings them closer to full automation and clearer operational visibility.

Phase IV Engineering – Coolest Demo

Phase IV Engineering demoed a backpack they’ve designed using ThingMagic’s Vega reader and a telescoping wand antenna for reading tags in hard-to-reach places. Phase IV is currently deploying the technology with L-7 Services in the construction of the Northgate Link Extension light-rail tunnel in Seattle. The solution uses high-precision RFID technology to measure differences in strain and pressure on the steel reinforcing bars holding the train’s tunnels together.

Phase IV Engineering – Most Innovative Use of RFID

NASA also collaborated with Phase IV Engineering on an RFID solution for the NASA Marshall Space Flight Center that incorporated our ThingMagic Vega reader designed for operation in harsh environments. By outfitting urine processing units with temperature sensors, NASA and Phase IV were able to use RFID to take a new approach to water conversation and sustainability in their facilities.


In addition to our award-winning partner accolades, it was great to show conference-goers the fruits of our research and development in bringing a number of new technologies to market. Below is a snapshot of a few of the innovations we had in our booth: 

ThingMagic Nano – the Nano is the newest addition to our Mercury6e Series of modules and our smallest, lowest power consumption and most cost-effective module yet. By further broadening the suite, developers gain embeddable options and are now in a position to plug low cost, low power RFID components into their solutions when applicable and still use larger high-power modules when part of an application still requires greater bandwidth and read rates. Because our universal Mercury API spans the entire suite, customers are free to expand their solutions and integrate the technology immediately into existing systems. For the full background, make sure to check out the Nano datasheet and see its recent feature in RFID Journal, “Trimble Shrinks UHF RFID Reader Module.”

Mercury xPRESS Sensor Hub – last fall we launched the latest version of our unique development platform, the Mercury xPRESS Sensor Hub. With a flexible development tool in their hands, we enabled developers to bring up a fully functional RFID reader in minutes, meaning OEMs are bringing new solutions to market in half the time they used to. You can brush up on Sensor Hub's specs here.

Autonomous Operation – Earlier this year we issued a firmware update to include Autonomous Operation. If you weren’t able to stop by the booth at the show to see us demo the new features, such as how quickly a module could recover if its power source were removed, check out the full details behind it in our blog post on the topic.


In its 13th year, RFID Journal LIVE! continues to be a stage for some of the most innovative companies in RFID to launch the newest and most exciting applications of our technology. It was great to be a part of it yet again and we’re looking forward to seeing you all again next year!

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