More Autonomous Operation for RFID Modules and Less Re-Inventing the Wheel

Posted by Mike Klein on Mon, Feb 02, 2015 @ 01:28 PM

Our Micro family of embedded RFID modules now stands to lessen the headache for developers putting together the next greatest finished RFID readers. With the newest enhancements ThingMagic has issued to the firmware for our Mercury 6e Micro and Micro-LTE UHF RFID modules, modules are primed for autonomous operation.

To what extent are we allowing UHF RFID modules to operate autonomously?  By enabling hardware read triggers and creating savable configuration settings in the module, we’ve eliminated the need to write reader configuration and control code using the MercuryAPI, simplifying the integration of RFID into tomorrow’s solutions.  The module is configured one time to stream data using a new Autonomous Configuration Tool, freeing users up from writing code and lowering the supporting hardware requirements, allowing the modules to be used in a wider range of products with less development effort.

But what will true autonomous operation look like in RFID development? For that, we need your help.

These enhancements are already available for customers developing finished readers and solutions with the Micro and Micro-LTE. We’d like to open a conversation with those of you writing applications to control these modules so you can help shape the next iteration of enhancements to the firmware. What’s working well? What’s still keeping you from concentrating on innovating rather than writing code? Even those of you not currently developing with ThingMagic – we want to know what your biggest pain points are in developing with RFID, writing development code and anything else you’d like to see in a progressive update to the RFID development process.

If you’re interested in hearing more and participating with our newest enhancements, please contact us at


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