What if RFID was Never Invented? A ThingMagic Top Ten

Posted by Ken Lynch on Mon, Jan 09, 2012 @ 11:39 AM

Top 10You know you are in the height of the political season when you turn on the Late Show with David Letterman and see all of the candidates lining up to give their top 10 lists.  While these attempts to connect with the American people normally fall flat, it did get us thinking about our own Letterman style top ten and what fun and interesting uses of the technology we’d present if given the opportunity to visit the show.

So without further delay, we present to you our Top Ten things to consider if RFID had never been invented:

10. The lines would be a lot longer during our coffee runs: Cup o’ Joe to Go

9.  All of the crazy story lines in crime dramas might actually happen: RFID and The CSI Effect

8.  We couldn’t install “LoJack” in our cactuses: Cactus Chips

7.  We’d all be subject to search and seizure at border crossings: RFID for Border Security

6.  It would mean counting bees the old fashioned way: RFID for Counting Bees. Really?

5.  Fox could theoretically run ‘Prison Break’ forever: RFID Put Behind Bars

4.  The “Where’s Waldo” effect would run rampant in salvage yards: The New Junkyard Dog

3.  There would be a lot more false pulls in the milking business: Milkin’ It with RFID

2.  Really bad golf would still be in play this season: Find It, Play It – With RFID

And the number one consideration if RFID had never been invented is…

1. Unauthorized use of electroshock weapons would surely climb: Don’t Lose Your Taser Bro

Maybe we’ll never get the chance to join Dave on the show, but hopefully we’ve given you a few interesting thoughts about the impact RFID continues to have on all walks of life.

For more, check out our ever popular list of 100 Uses of RFID!

Image source: Transition Culture

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