RFID for High-Value, Critical-Dose Medication Inventory

Posted by Ken Lynch on Mon, Nov 29, 2010 @ 09:13 AM

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MEPS RealTimeWith all the national discussion about our healthcare system, the debate rages on about what can be done to reduce cost while increasing the quality of patient care.  Well, RFID can play a significant role in productivity and cost savings solutions that support a number of areas within hospitals and other healthcare facilities.  We’ve already discussed several RFID-enabled solutions in our blog and within our 100 Uses of RFID program, and interestingly enough, 3 of the top 5 most viewed entries in our 100 Uses of RFID program are healthcare related, including:

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Reducing the Risk of Medication Errors with Real-Time Visibility

In addition to being used to better mange high-value assets and provide enhanced patient experiences, RFID can also have a significant positive impact on the productivity of nursing and pharmacy staff, while reducing the risk of medication errors. 

According to several national studies, there are 400,000 preventable medication injuries every year in America's hospitals.  While barcodes have been used to manage medication distribution for some time, by providing real-time visibility of pharmaceutical inventory with RFID, hospitals can implement inventory management capabilities beyond existing barcode systems.

Recognizing this opportunity, ThingMagic partner MEPS Real-Time, Inc. has developed the Intelliguard™ RFID solution for critical inventory, including high-value, critical-dose medications. Thingmagic readers play an integral role in the system components - providing visibility and efficiency from the pharmacy to the patient bedside. 

Watch the MEPS Real-Time Intelliguard video:

By reading multiple RFID tags within a tote or container, INTELLIGUARD’s Pharmacy Reader makes receiving distributor shipments at the hospital pharmacy efficient and accurate.  Real-time inventory control is maintained as medication is distributed within the hospital to an INTELLIGUARD Automated Dispensing Cabinet.  The Automated Dispensing Cabinet increases nursing efficiency by eliminating manual counting and item-level barcode scanning, and through access to ambient and refrigerated medications in one location.  The INTELLIGUARD Patient Bedside Reader assists with the compliance and verification necessary to eliminate medication errors.  Real-time reporting simplifies regulatory compliance and optimizes product shelf-life for better return on investment.

MEPS Real-Time has implemented a pilot study at a major San Diego healthcare facility to provide an inventory management system which tracks the expiration date of high-value, critical-dose medications.  The hospital pharmacy believes that RFID is the only solution that will provide the required visibility while eliminating the item-level counting and inefficiencies associated with their existing barcode system.

Further information is available at www.mepsrealtime.com and a new Intelliguard video is available for viewing at http://www.youtube.com/user/MEPSRealTime.

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