RFID Replaces Ouija Boards, Witchcraft and Séances

Posted by Ken Lynch on Fri, Oct 29, 2010 @ 08:29 AM

Lets the Dead Speak from Beyond the Grave

GravestoneThis Halloween talking to the dead may be easier than you think.  Before you get too spooked, you can forget the hocus pocus, witchcraft and voodoo techniques they use in the movies. No need for séances, full moons, candles or sacrifices; all you need is RFID.

Objecs LLC, an Arizona information-exchange company specializing in the sharing of digital information between individuals and objects, came up with the idea to place RFID into a stone tablet called a RosettaStone. The RosettaStone is embedded with a passive high-frequency (HF) 13.56 MHz RFID tag. An ID number is engraved on the stone as well as coded in the tag. This ID number is linked to a database where a picture and up to 1,000 words of information on the deceased is stored.

This information can be accessed by anyone who has an NFC-enabled smartphone. When the phone is tapped near the tablet, the information appears on the phone’s screen. It can also be accessed by entering the ID number into the RossettaStone website. The information is not only stored on the RosettaStone server, but also on the Physical World Database Project server, so the information will still be accessible even if Objecs is no longer around.

In addition to the ID number, the RosettaStone itself is engraved with symbols that represent milestones in that person’s life. The tablet can be taken home by the family as a keepsake or it can be attached to the headstone so anyone in the cemetery who wishes can learn more about the deceased.

1,000 words and a picture seem like just the beginning. Why stop there? As Curtis Hopkins points out in his ReadWriteWeb article, in the future perhaps we will see videos added or allow people to record their memories with the deceased.

So remember, when you are walking through the cemetery this Halloween, if you get a message from the dead on your smartphone, it might be a ghost – a Ghost In The Machine, that is!

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