Music Branding with RFID

Posted by Ken Lynch on Tue, Oct 12, 2010 @ 04:00 AM

RFID to Match the Mood of Clothing with Music

The following use of RFID comes by way of a blog entry from PSFK titled Music Branding With RFID-Embedded Clothing.  Yes, this is the same PSFK that published the thought provoking Future of Retail presentation referenced in our post RFID - The New Future of Retail earlier this year.

Music Branding with RFID

From PSFK:

Gomus is a music branding company based in Brazil that works with sound to create unique environments. Their RFID-based platform called Echo is a retail-focused project currently in development, which recognizes information on the tags embedded in clothing to create specific musical environments while shoppers try on clothes. The project will be implemented in Brazilian clothing stores next year, and aims to match the mood of the clothing with music.

As highlighted in our earlier retail post, PSFK invites us to: “…think less about real estate, staff, footfall and online stores and start thinking about the entire world as a store; one in which we can easily make instant purchases regardless of time and place. Driven by technology, the web, community and the search for ever-richer experiences, the world of shopping is undergoing a sweeping transformation.”

What are your thoughts about the intersection of retail and technology?

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