RFID Puts Las Vegas Under Lock & Key

Posted by Ken Lynch on Fri, Oct 01, 2010 @ 11:50 AM

Taking Luxury Guest Rooms to the Next Level

Some of you may have had the pleasant experience of getting to your hotel room and finding a chilled bottle of champagne with a card wishing you a Happy Anniversary or Congratulations on Your Nuptials from “the management.” It’s a simple gesture that goes a long way, just because they were paying attention in Reservations and knew how to share the right information with the right people. 

If we can get excited about something like that, imagine how happy and loyal guests would be if hotel management knew we wanted to sign up for the first tee time, or wanted the coveted 8:00 pm dinner reservation, or desperately wanted the maid to stay away until noon. Sign me up, right? So what are we waiting for?

Hint: The enabling solution would also eliminate the demagnetization problem with swiped key cards.

MT RFID LockThe answer: An RFID guest room locking system which eliminates the need to swipe, but even better, enables a deeper level of personalization for the guests.

ARIA at CityCenter was one of the first Las Vegas resorts to install an RFID guest room locking system. With KABA Saflok Messenger, the hotel door lock system can be put on the network which allows ARIA staff to interact with rooms in such a way that makes the guests' visit more personable, and therefore more pleasurable.

The RFID technology lets the guests unlock the door by flashing their key over a lock reader. No swiping involved. The Saflok RFID system communicates with a wireless network of technologies in the guest rooms. Control4 Corporation was brought in to help enhance the guest experience. For example, when a guest opens the door for the first time, Saflok sends a message via a Zigbee mesh wireless network to the Control4 in-room controller, which activates a 'welcome theme.' The welcome theme prompts certain activities, curtains parting to showcase the view and the TV displaying controls for guests to personalize, that best serve newly arriving guests. From there, more personalized services await for the remainder of their stay.  

The bonus is that an RFID key cannot be demagnetized by cell phones or other similar devices which has been quite problematic across the hotel industry. And as with most RFID applications, this one also comes with added operational efficiencies. Fewer moving lock parts and automatically monitored batteries reduce maintenance. And since CityCenter's guest rooms and RFID door locks are integrated with the network, guests can change rooms without needing to make changes to their key.  How’s that for modern convenience?

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