Zebra Earns its RFID Stripes Again

Posted by Ken Lynch on Mon, Aug 30, 2010 @ 12:20 PM

Low Cost, Item-Level Tagging for Package Verification, Work in Process, Product Authentication and More

One major milestone achieved by the RFID industry over the last 10 years is its more affordable price tag.  RFID tags in particular used to cost about $5.00 each.  Now they cost pennies each.  We’ve celebrated the innovative uses of RFID in this blog, many of them made possible because deployments are easier on the budget, including lower tag cots.  Now it’s time to recognize the positive cost impact made by RFID printers/encoders.   More specifically, products from ThingMagic partner Zebra Technologies, designed for organizations with high-volume, mission-critical or specialty labeling applications.

Zebra 110xi4Zebra recently announced the R110Xi4, a new high-performance RFID printer/encoder which is fully integrated with the ThingMagic Mercury5e embedded module for UHF read/write capabilities.

The R110Xi4 addresses the growing market for high-volume, item-level tagging and the recognized market shift from compliance-based tracking to more item-level tracking applications; such as retail item tagging, package verification, work in process, product authentication, document tracking and healthcare specimen tracking, to name a few.  In addition to item-level tracking, the R110Xi4 streamlines business improvement and supply-chain management applications like asset tracking and inventory management across retail, manufacturing, healthcare and distribution channels.

In the spirit of lower cost RFID tags, Zebra’s RXi4 overcomes one of the largest barriers to RFID adoption – media cost – by up to 10 percent. Here’s how.

It simplifies set up because the auto-configuration enables encoding of a variety of different RFID tags.  It also cuts cost per label, requires fewer media-roll changes and saves time with faster throughput by encoding RFID inlays that are spaced closer together (.6"/16 mm).  The RXi4 can detect the RFID inlay position within the label and automatically configure the printer/encoder without having to manually calibrate for the inlay – ensuring tag accuracy and saving time and money. If a tag is not encoded accurately, the tagged asset doesn’t “exist” in inventory or in transit and becomes lost, costing money and time.

But wait, there’s more.

Zebra’s Xi™ series printers are built for rugged durability, outstanding print quality, fast print speed, long life, and unparalleled reliability in demanding applications. How’s that for lower total cost of ownership?

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