New Firmware for Micro and Micro-LTE Modules + Enhanced MercuryAPI and Tools + Improved Nano module documentation

Posted by Brian MacLeod on Tue, Oct 20, 2015 @ 03:55 AM

Tags: Firmware Update

Trimble's ThingMagic division has released new firmware for the Micro and Mico-LTE RFID reader modules. Accompanying this release are enhancements to the MercuryAPI SDK, Universal Reader Assistant, Autonomous Configuration Tool and the Nano Module Design Guide.


Micro firmware release version 1.7.2 adds the following new features:

  • EPCGlobal Gen2v2 support as implemented by NXP UCODE DNA tags
  • Qualification of the Micro module to operate down to temperatures of -40 C (with corresponding lowering of firmware-enforced temperature limits).
  • Support for return loss measurements on antenna ports to monitor antenna quality
  • Support for antenna detection based on return loss measurements across the configured region
  • Support for reduced-bandwidth 900 MHz regions (using less than the full 902-928 MHz FCC/IC band) to accommodate small high-gain antennas, including a regional setting that compresses 50 channels into a band 10 MHz wide and one that compresses 50 channels into a band that is 5 MHz wide.



The MercuryAPI SDK has been enhanced to support this new functionality, which includes:

  • Support for Gen2V2 “Untraceable”, “Secure Tag Authentication” and “Tag Authentication with Secure Data Transfer” functionality on all 3 programming platforms (C, C#/.NET, and Java)
  • Additional code examples to illustrate the use of Gen2v2 functions
  • Addition of Return Loss reporting in the existing ReaderStats code example
  • Addition of two new screens to the Universal Reader Assistant application to demonstrate Gen2v2 functionality
  • Support for antenna detection for Micro module in Universal Reader Assistant and the Autonomous Configuration Tool.

In addition to release notes for the Micro firmware and API releases, the following manuals have been updated to reflect this release:

  • Auto Configuration Tool Users Guide
  • M6e-Micro Hardware Guide
  • MercuryAPI Programmers Guide
  • Universal Reader Assistant User Guide
  • Nano Module Design Guide (not related to this release, but documentation needed updating to clear up some ambiguity around signal direction).

Please contact to learn more about ThingMagic UHF RFID readers and modules, and contact your reseller or for technical information and assistance.




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