Angry Birds (and RFID) Coming Soon - Everywhere

Posted by Ken Lynch on Tue, Jun 14, 2011 @ 01:42 PM

Tags: RFID, Internet of Things, GPS, NFC

Angry Birds MagicReally?  Did I just read that the maker of one of my favorite mobile games, Angry Birds, is going to be connecting the virtual world of slingshot flung bids and grunting pig heads with the physical world by using near field communications (NFC) and GPS?

Yup – as reported by ReadWiteWeb, Rovio (the Angry Birds game maker) will be making this announcement at the ReadWriteWeb 2WAY Summit taking place this week in New York City.

According to the article, game players with NFC-enabled phones will be able to unlock new levels and special birds by taping their mobile devices together or on NFC-enabled tags placed on merchandise like toys, books, or presumably just about anything. Taking the virtual-physical world connection a step further, when played in certain locations – that “make sense for the birds and the brand” - you will be able to access new location-specific features. Rivio also plans to offer a GPS-enabled version for those without NFC-enabled phones. 

This isn’t quite where I thought RFID and GPS would converge to reach thousands if not millions of consumers, but I guess you’ve got to start somewhere!

You’ve got to like the name too.  Known as Angry Birds Magic, the branding for Rivio's internet of things platform follows our affinity for adding magic to everyday things.

Angry Birds fan or not, share your thoughts on the convergence of auto-id technologies and the virtural world.  Where do we go from here?!

Going Green with Xerafy for RFID

Posted by Ken Lynch on Mon, Jun 13, 2011 @ 09:57 AM

Tags: RFID, Asset Tracking, Tool Tracking, RFID tags

Dennis KhooThe following guest post has been provided by Dennis Khoo, CEO and Founder of Xerafy.  For more information about the powerful combination of ThingMagic RFID readers and Xerafy RFID tags, please contact or

There’s a lot of enthusiasm around going green lately.  From recycling paper to reducing carbon footprints, companies are now very aware of the impact their business can have on the environment. Yet, have you ever considered how RFID technology would be able to support the green initiative?

RFID has been around for a while, you have probably use it today when you get out of the car park, check out a library book, gain access to your office and maybe to make a payment for your coffee. RFID is used to track many things from retail clothing to livestock. It’s a technology that can provide organizations with unprecedented improved visibility and traceability of items throughout their journey in the value chain.

At Xerafy, in addition to our green logo, we like the fact that our RFID technology is not only allowing businesses to be more efficient but also allowing companies to reduce waste, over consumption and limit the carbon footprint. By enabling more industries to use RFID with the smallest and most rugged tags on the market and working with partners like ThingMagic, Xerafy empowers our customers to do the following: reduce, reuse, and recycle with RFID.

Reducing consumption - RFID tracking of tools and equipment increases product utilization and reduces theft, loss, and requirements for redundant supplies.

Reuse of containers – Tracking returnable transit containers with RFID can ensure containers are returned and managed.

Reuse of tools, and equipment – Utilizing RFID tracking for maintenance and repair calibration records ensures that parts last longer and are verified for quality checks.

Recycle – RFID tracking of parts from point of manufacture to end of life can allow customers to return to manufacturers to recycle or ensure proper disposal is taken.

Xerafy is committed to bringing innovative tag solutions to help our customers meet their individual needs and help the environment.  We have a suite of different EPC UHF tags built for industrial markets for reliable identification of on-metal parts, embed-in-metal assets, and versatile tags that can perform over a wide range of materials including metals and plastics. Let us know how your company has helped the environment with RFID on our Facebook page.





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