New Firmware for Micro and Micro-LTE Modules + Enhanced MercuryAPI and Tools + Improved Nano module documentation

ThingMagic End User Successes Highlight 2015 RFID Journal LIVE!

Interstate Batteries Wins Best RFID Implementation at RFID Journal Live 2015

ThingMagic Nano: Small, Cost Effective, Reliable

Personalized Kiosk Using a ThingMagic USB Plus+

More Autonomous Operation for RFID Modules and Less Re-Inventing the Wheel

The Next Wave of the Internet of Things (According to Bernd Schoner)

RAIN RFID and the Internet of Things

Mercury xPRESS, a Developer’s Sensor Hub for the Internet of Things

ThingMagic and Digi-Key: Helping the IoT Realize Its Full Potential Using RFID

Collaboration with Datamars for a More Intelligent Laundry Operation

An Internet of Things Solution – Brought to You by Zebra’s Cloud and ThingMagic RFID

ThingMagic and Partners’ Innovations on Display at MIT Auto ID & Sensing Solutions Expo

Best in Show Finalist – ThingMagic Mercury xPRESS Platform

When RFID Goes Global, So Do We

GUEST POST: Q&A with Paul Elizondo of MEPS Real-Time

Embedded RFID and The Internet of Things

Innovating with Embedded RFID

Embedding RFID Modules with Ease

Adding RFID to Rugged Handhelds and Tablets

Adding a New Dimension to the ThingMagic RFID Module Family

Hot Fun in the Summertime (RFID Tech Trends)

The ThingMagic USB Plus+ RFID Reader – A New Level of Versatility

Pimp My Food Truck: RFID-Enabling the 21st Century Chuckwagon

RFID Scoring Big in the Sports World

At RFID Journal LIVE!, Embedded RFID Takes Center Stage

Desktop USB RFID Readers – Simple yet Versatile

RFID in Healthcare is The Big Easy!

NOX Tracks Visitors at India's Largest National Executive Meeting

RFID in Race Timing: Mercury-6e Beats the Competition in Brazil

Findings From NRF 2013 - Will This be the Year of RFID in Retail?

RFID at CES 2013 – NFC Dominates, but UHF Wins My Personal Best-in-Show

RFID + Cloud + BIM for Managing Personnel in Vertical Construction

How Zebra is Proving RFID’s Worth

Five-Cent Wireless Networking – The Most Important Invention in RFID Yet

Why the Micro is the Best RFID Module Ever

Embedded RFID: Why we got excited about passive RFID in the first place!

RFID-enabled Robots Create Efficiency in the Workplace

A Conversation about RFID and Big Data

Why RFID Will Drive the Internet of Things

RFID’s Answer for City Congestion

RFID & GPS for Waste Management

On Tour With RFID

dwinQ RFID Social Media Platform Wins Gold at London Olympics

RFID in Retail - No Stopping it Now

The Future of RFID - Infographic

Everyday RFID – What You Can’t See is Making Your Life Easier

How RFID Can Turn the Retail Supply Chain on its Head

Smart Medication Administration with RFID

The Connection Between RFID and Social Networks Gets Deeper

Sports & Entertainment – The Next Market to Drive RFID Adoption?

RFID Keeping Tabs on the Largest Supply Chain in the World

RFID Garment Tracking at Disney

Reducing Food Waste with RFID

Toll Roads and Car Management Improve with RFID

Can RFID Bring Manufacturing Back to the U.S?

Business at the Speed of RFID

Google Glass: A Glimpse Into The Internet of Things?

RFID is Part of the DNA

Out with Dewey Decimal, In with RFID

RFID Revolutionizes the Electric Vehicle Industry

Where Does Your Food Come From? RFID Knows.

Phish Sings RFID’s Praises

RFID - Stand up and Be Counted!

Hospitals Should Consider a Phased Approach to Deploying RFID

Reshaping the Way We Think about RFID

RFID Boosts Fan Loyalty

The 4 Rs - Reduce, Reuse, Recycle, and RFID

Greening the Data Center with RFID

Dude, Where’s My Car? RFID Knows.

RFID, Big Data and Retail

What if RFID was Never Invented? A ThingMagic Top Ten

UHF is the Magic Pill for RFID in Healthcare

Ready! Set! Hut! Hut! RFID?

Prediction: Data and Apps Rule RFID For The Next 10 Years

Will NRF’s ‘The Big Show’ Be a Good Barometer of RFID in Retail?

Holiday Gift Idea: Game On RFID!

RFID Making Fresh Produce Cool

Top Three Tips for Avoiding Lost Luggage: RFID, RFID, RFID

Tis the Season for RFID

What's In Your (Google) Wallet?

Leading Oncology Clinics Recognize Merits of RFID

Raising the Bar for RFID Readers

Laundry is Less of a Dirty Chore with RFID

ThingMagic Named Frost & Sullivan ‘Mover & Shaker’

The Influence of Apple

RFID in Retail is Making More Noise

RFID Offers More to Race Timing than Just Timing

Angry Birds (and RFID) Coming Soon - Everywhere

Going Green with Xerafy for RFID

The Engine in RFID

ThingMagic at RFID Journal LIVE! 2011

To Tag or Not to Tag? That is the Question.

Item-level RFID Tagging for Apparel Retail Supply Chains

Medication Expiration Date Tracking with RFID

Two Turntables and a Microphone

100 Uses of RFID in Review

100 Uses of RFID

RFID Migrates Upstream

RFID and The CSI Effect

The Next Big Step Toward a Multi-Scale Wireless World

RFID for Counting Bees. Really?

Find It, Play It – With RFID

Messages on the Move

Personal Robotics Advance with UHF RFID

RFID for High-Value, Critical-Dose Medication Inventory

IT Asset Tracking with RFID is not Rocket Science

RFID Gives Surgeons Second Set of Eyes

RFID and the Bank Branch of the Future

RFID and the Miracle of Life

Rings, Spiders, Horsetails, Fish and RFID

Can You See Mi Now?

RFID Left out in the Cold

RFID for Student Tracking

RFID Delivers

Tons of Pig Iron + 2300 °C Blasts + Big Trucks: Are U-Safe?

RFID Lets Theme Parks Be Fun for All

India’s National ID Card Program

RFID Has its Finger on the Pulse

RFID for Wander Prevention

RFID Put Behind Bars

Man-Down Monitoring

RFID Gets Waterproofed

Billions of Identities

RFID Replaces Ouija Boards, Witchcraft and Séances

Ghost in the Machine

Automated Video Stores

RFID and Mud Motors

ThingMagic, a Division of Trimble!

RFID Hits Center Stage

Are RFID Tags on the Ropes?

Don’t be a Hothead

The New Junkyard Dog

Are RFID License Plates Coming Down the Road

RFID for Disaster Management

Cup o’ Joe to Go

There’s Something in the Air

Music Branding with RFID

RFID Gives New Meaning to Train Spotting

Milkin’ It with RFID

Smart Ball

Cactus Chips

RFID Lets Cars Park Themselves

RFID Puts Las Vegas Under Lock & Key

Urban Planning with Building Blocks and RFID Paint Brushes

Automating Point-of-Sale Processes with RFID

Traffic Management with RFID

Don’t Lose Your Taser Bro

Shredding It with Sensors

RFID Helps Estée Lauder Innovate

RFID for Airport Operations

Happy Birthday ThingMagic!

Smart Buildings

RFID Predictions

Live From Fargo

DC-Area Software Firm Partners with National Industries for the Blind

Cleaning Up Hazardous Materials with RFID

Check it Out - RFID for Library Media Tracking

RFID for Border Security

RFID for Automobile Production

RFID Keeps its Cool

How to Share Your Car with a Stranger

RFID Takes a Ride on School Buses

Mission Accomplished with RFID

Planes, Trains, Automobiles & RFID

RFID Helps Deaf Children Learn Sign Language

Zebra Earns its RFID Stripes Again

RFID and the Beverage Market (part 5)

RFID and the Beverage Market (part 4)

RFID and the Beverage Market (part 3)

RFID and the Beverage Market (part 2)

RFID and the Beverage Marketplace (part 1)

Oncology Solution Uses RFID to Improve Patient Experience

The Appliance Approach to RFID

RFID and Social Networks

E is for Agriculture?

The House Bets on RFID

RFID for Document Management

Process Manufacturing with RFID

Construction Management with RFID

Improving Farming with RFID

Designer RFID

RFID Takes on Container Fraud

RFID Enabled Smart Shelves

Specialty Retail Inventory Management with RFID

RFID – The New Future of Retail

No Greenwashing Here: How RFID Helps the Environment (Part 3)

No Greenwashing Here: How RFID Helps the Environment (Part 2)

No Greenwashing Here: How RFID Helps the Environment

Automating Order Fulfillment with a New Generation of RFID

RFID-Enabled Smart Displays

RFID for Event & Hospitality Management

Race Timing with RFID

Hospital Inventory Control with UHF RFID

Enhancing the Patient Experience with RFID

The Batteryless RFID Imperative in Healthcare

The Next Revolution in Wireless and Mobility

Enterprise Asset Management with RFID

Addressing Food Safety Issues with RFID

RFID Journal LIVE! Review

How RFID is making a difference in people’s lives

RFID and The Internet of Things


The Next Internet Will Be Driven by Smart Objects

RFID for the iPhone?

Ford Transit Connect Family One: RFID-Enabled Concept Van

The Growth of Wireless Sensor Networks

IBM on Building a Smarter Planet

Reality Search Engines

Plexidor's RFID-activated sliding doggie door: it's about time

RFID and Document Management

RFID Privacy Through Dispersion

RFID Privacy Without Killing

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