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ThingMagic Embedded RFID

The opportunity to embed high-performance, low cost RFID technology into many different types of products and solutions is driving innovation throughout commercial, industrial and consumer markets. ThingMagic RFID Modules deliver the performance, efficiency, and flexibility to help you succeed.

Below are a few ThingMagic advantages to consider:

Embedded RFID Leadership

Hundreds of companies - from printer and handheld manufacturers, to asset tracking, supply chain, healthcare and transportation organizations – are using ThingMagic embedded RFID modules to drive innovation and business process improvement.

Breadth of Product Offering

ThingMagic offers a market leading embedded RFID module family.  Available in multiple configurations, ThingMagic RFID modules provide the easiest and most cost effective way to add RFID to your product or solution.

Leading Through Innovation

The latest addition to the ThingMagic module product family - the Micro - leads the market for high-performance, small form factor RFID Reader modules. 

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Faster Time to Market at a Lower Cost

Using an RFID module, as opposed to creating a reader with discrete components or a chip and reference design, provides developers with significant advantages. ThingMagic modules are designed to meet performance demands, are market proven, and have been fully tested and certified for regional use – reducing time to market and overall system costs.

Whitepaper: Why RFID Modules are the Smart Choice for Developing Next-Generation Solutions

Making RFID Easy to Use

ThingMagic is dedicated to driving the barriers to deploying RFID technology as low as possible. We design our products to be easy to use out-of-the box and to deliver predictable, reliable, and repeatable performance. Our development tools require little RFID expertise, enabling you to rapidly design, test, and deploy your RFID solutions, including:

RFID Module Developers Kit: Everything needed to read and write RFID tags and learn the basics of developing RFID-enabled applications. Download RFID Module Developers Kit datasheet

Mercury xPRESS Platform: A robust, extensible development platform that provides the hardware, software and reference designs needed to move beyond evaluating RFID and into a full design and development process. Download xPRESS Platform datasheet

The ThingMagic Mercury API provides a common development platform, supporting an extensive variety of hardware to connect, configure, and control all ThingMagic readers. Download ThingMagic Mercury API datasheet

Universal Reader Assistant: A utility for advanced demo, testing, and tuning of all ThingMagic readers. Reduces complexity for novice users while permitting low-level control for advanced developers. Download the latest version of the ThingMagic Universal Reader Assistant

ThingMagic Firmware Advantage

ThingMagic firmware adds valuable real-world features to the primary functions delivered by the radio chips in our products.  This added functionality gives customers an enhanced set of tools to develop innovative and customized RFID solutions for worldwide deployment. Key ThingMagic firmware advantages include multiprotocol support, multi-regional support, an automated Fast Search algorithm for applications with fast moving tags, advanced data collection for each tag inventory, tag write, lock, and kill features, and custom command support for a variety of RFID tags.

Manufacturing Strength

As a Division of Trimble, ThingMagic has established a manufacturing advantage and is capable of producing high volumes of product with highly predictable quality. 


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